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In this multilayered, provocative, and outrageously imaginative literary debut, Amy Lee Lillard gives us ten deeply absorbing stories about the women who won’t smile: angry, aching women reacting to the dismissal of their most secret or beloved needs and desires, women returning to base instincts, primal fears, and mythic power. Across past, present, and future, around the midwest and the world, these women demand we witness as they work to break through, to defy, to become. It won’t be pretty, and it won’t be safe, but it will be real.

Spanning genres, continents, and eras, Dig Me Out takes on misogyny and homophobia, societal and climatological violence, and the specter of our technologized future — all with a punk rock literary twist. This collection constitutes a brilliant and rightfully dangerous work of art from a writer to tell your friends about.

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