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Early Praise for DIG ME OUT: Jeannie Vanasco

Carter Sickels, author of The Prettiest Star, winner of the 2021 Southern Book Prize, says this about Dig Me Out:   "Original and highly imaginative stories. Amy Lee Lillard is a daring writer."

Jeannie Vanasco, author of Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was a Girl, says this about Dig Me Out:

“When I first encountered Amy Lillard’s fiction three years ago in Epiphany's Breakout Writers issue, I looked her up, desperately hoping she had a book coming out. The wait is over, and what a dazzling book it is! With spare and unassuming prose, Lillard has produced a radically profound and unforgettable story collection that upends received notions of femininity and storytelling. Through their aspirations, their desires, their insecurities, and their heartbreaks, the women in Dig Me Out offer us nuanced insights into the human condition."

Learn more about DIG ME OUT, and pre-order your copy now:


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