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Early Praise for DIG ME OUT: Melissa Faliveno

Carter Sickels, author of The Prettiest Star, winner of the 2021 Southern Book Prize, says this about Dig Me Out:   "Original and highly imaginative stories. Amy Lee Lillard is a daring writer."

Melissa Faliveno, author of Tomboyland, says this about Dig Me Out:

“'The world would have me be small,” says a woman in Amy Lee Lillard’s Dig Me Out. “I would not be small.' The women in these stories loom large. They take up space, raise their voice, fight back and break free. In stories spanning worlds long past to far dystopian future, we find women who channel rage and turn it into power, digging out of old lives, shedding skin, becoming something animal, elemental, new. These are queer women, but not just in sexuality: theirs are bodies in protest, retaliating against and reclaiming themselves from the patriarchal powers that attempt to own them, redefining what it means to be women. Set to a rebellious Riot Grrrl soundtrack, this book is a feminist battle cry, a fist with black-painted nails pumped in dark Chicago clubs, in Midwestern cities and suburbs full of women who are hungry, who long for more, who scratch and claw and dig—into the earth, into their own skin—to find something better. A fierce reclamation of femininity, sexuality, and selfhood, Dig Me Out made me pump my own fist in the air, reminding me of all the lives we can find when we’re brave enough to dig."

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