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An audio drama from

Broads and Books Productions

When an isolated woman starts recording her dreams of strange women, things get weird. Over nine nights, reality becomes fantasy, past and future meld, and fate binds and beckons.


Why are these women – old, broken, unnatural, mad, and ugly – appearing in her dreams? Why must difference always mean danger? And what happens when these women come together, connecting across time and space as worlds die?

All episodes available now


A sharp and funny podcast from

Broads and Books Productions

Fuzzy Memories is the podcast that celebrates the good, the rad and the fugly of the 80s and 90s. Three latchkey kids who made it out alive break down everything from Madonna and Masters of the Universe to Twin Peaks and Titanic. Join us to celebrate the hits, the misses and the misfits of the weirdest decades.

Listen now at our website, or in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and your favorite podcast player.



An audio literary magazine from Broads and Books Productions

Midwest Weird is an audio literary magazine featuring weird fiction and nonfiction by Midwestern writers. From strange styles to unique identities, from written tales to oral tradition, from Iowa to Indiana and everywhere in between, we’re the podcast home for stories that stick with you. Listen every other week for the edge of creation, come to life.

Coming Summer 2024

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The original podcast from

Broads and Books Productions

Broads and Books was a book podcast. A funny podcast. A feminist podcast. A weekly date with two Broads who love books as much as they love embarrassing stories and crackpot business ideas.

In each episode, Amy and Erin picked one theme. We chose and discussed two novels, two other genre books, and two pop culture picks based on that theme. Each episode aimed to make listeners laugh, think, and find things they loved.

All episodes available now!

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