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Amy Lee Lillard is the author of Dig Me Out from Atelier26 Books. She was shortlisted for the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize and named one of Epiphany’s Breakout 8 Writers in 2018. Her writing also appears in Foglifter, Off Assignment, Barrelhouse, Adroit, Gertrude, and other publications


Since 2000, Amy has been a professional writer in advertising, communications, journalism, and medicine. She currently works as a Senior Communications Specialist at Aon. View a select portfolio of her professional writing.


Amy is one of the broads behind Broads and Books, the funny and feminist book podcast.


She holds an MFA in fiction writing from the Pan-European program at Cedar Crest College, an MA in literature from Northwestern University, and a BA in English, journalism and psychology from the University of Iowa.

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