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Music for angry women and weirdos

Beautiful and ugly. Familiar and unexpected. True and dangerous. Nuclear Shadow makes music that crosses genres, bringing together a punk and indie ethos with ornamental drama and off-kilter angles. The sound is raw and polished, monochrome and pantone, risky and sure.

"[Let's Start Over] embraces steady momentum into an intensified vigor. Develops with ample intrigue... a satiating rock evolution."

Obscure Sound

"Effortlessly blending power and finesse, [Jawbreaker] is a true marvel, showcasing originality and craftsmanship of the highest order. A musical journey that's both stirring and unforgettable."

Neo Playlists

"[Let's Start Over] is a throwback to punk rock's heyday, with aggressive chords and an anarchic energy that demands attention. The lyrics are sharp and politically charged, delivered with a sneer that's both provocative and invigorating."

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