• Amy Lee Lillard

Watch: I.O.W.A. Festival

The Writers' Rooms (I.O.W.A.) Author Event is a multi-genre, multi-author book event held in Iowa. Watch the video for an excerpt from Dig Me Out, a bit on music influences, an excerpt from Broads and Books, and more. Check out the timestamps below for more:

00:00-00:40 Introduction

00:41-6:01 Reading: Excerpt from "Head Like a Hole," a story from Dig Me Out. Credits: Written, produced, and voiced by Amy Lee Lillard. Music: "999,999," "The Four of Us Are Dying," "Corona Radiata," and "1,000,000" by Nine Inch Nails, used under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US license. 6:02-8:32 Music of Dig Me Out.

Full reels and credits available at www.instagram.com/amyleelillard.

Spotify playlist available at open.spotify.com/playlist/1NUmvUlEJZYyssaGYhhQMW 8:33-9:00 Atelier26 Books, publisher of Dig Me Out. Visit www.atelier26books.com. 9:01-15:07 Broads and Books podcast. Full Episode 94 available at www.broadsandbooks.com/post/episode-94-book-podcast. All episodes and bonuses available at www.broadsandbooks.com. 15:08-15:46 Conclusion. Order Dig Me Out and sign up for updates at www.amyleelillard.com. Follow AmyLeeLillard at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Watch: Amy Lee Lillard at I.O.W.A. Festival