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DIG ME OUT has a cover!

DIG ME OUT, coming soon from Atelier26 Books, has a cover!

This bold and brilliant cover design comes from Nathan Shields, and it captures the usually dark, often strange, always musical, and occasionally feral worlds found in the stories of Dig Me Out.

The collection, coming October 2021, is pretty wonderfully summed up by Atelier26 Books founder and publisher M. Allen Cunningham:

“Spanning genres, continents, and eras, Lillard’s multilayered collection is all at once outrageously imaginative, provocative, and deeply absorbing. Ranging from the speculative to the historical, from magical realism to forensic realism, Dig Me Out carries the reader somewhere new — and newly thrilling — with every story, and constitutes a dazzling and rightfully dangerous work of literary art.”

And yes, for you Sleater-Kinney fans: The book title is absolutely from their incredible song.

Get ready for much more punk, Riot Grrrl, indie and other music in the collection.


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